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LSU alum turned IT kid. 23 yrs.

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San Fermin - Crueler Kind

Hop aboard the San Fermin/Lucius Express

10 plays

Polica - So Leave

You need to know how important Shulamith is. 

Camera Obscura - New Year’s Resolution

30 plays
Fleetwood Mac,

Fleetwood Mac - Don’t Stop

Inspirational music for today. 

20 plays
Sufjan Stevens,

Sufjan Stevens - The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts

Ferns Move by Breathe Owl Breathe

Breathe Owl Breathe came out with a new album within the past few months. I don’t have it yet if you’re a person who needs to get me a Christmas gift and your name rhymes with Mistopher.

32 plays
Camera Obscura,
Desire Lines

Camera Obscura - This Is Love (Feels Alright)

The sax part sounds like it came from a down the bayou wedding or Gumbo Fest band. 

That’s just how I feel

70 plays
Small Sound

Tennis - 100 Lovers

Have I been mainlining the Tennis EP? Yes mam I have.

20 plays
Small Sound

Tennis - Mean Streets

What I never realized I wanted Tennis to be.


20 plays

Cloud Cult - Chemicals Collide

Ane Brun - Undertow

Listen to this when you wake up really early on a cold day and have to walk somewhere all bundled up. 

2,299 plays

If you play Haim’s album at 33 rpm, you get an R&B song.

20 plays
Rogue Wave,
Nightingale Floors

Rogue Wave - No Magnatone

I was kind of meh about Rogue Wave’s latest album* until this one came up on shuffle and I sighed, “ahhh that’s more like it.”

30 plays

Rhye - Major Minor Love