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This migraine has gone from shitty to “oh my god I’m going to die, aren’t I?”

The luggage I was gifted as a junior in high school is on it’s last leg. With multiple domestic/international trips planned for the next 12 months, it’s time I invest into some more grown up quality luggage.

I know this is nearly the most boring purchase, but does anyone have brands/styles to recommend?

bless this backyardmech guy from preventing me from having a panic attack in the Mister CarWash parking lot.

This song is to me now what Portions for Foxes was for me in 2008.

Bogota observations:

  • La ciudad is surrounded by awesome pointy hills.
  • HIGHS IN THE 70’S. No a.c. necessary.
  • My favorite dogs (golden retrievers, labs, and German shepherds) are everywhere! Yeah, they’re here to sniff for drugs and bombs and I can’t play with them, but they’re soooo cute.
  • Drinking is totally permissible when traveling with a bunch of dudes and when wine is expected to be had with every dinner. I noticed I was a bit more able? Willing? to help polish off the bottle.
  • So they flew me over here to do ONE THING. ONLY ONE THING. Apparently that one thing went really well.

The “so many layers” and “I’m responsible for a large portion of the wine being gone” selfie.


My airplane ticket is more than what I have in savings.

Do you think they can tell that my slacks are from target?




So I won’t even be in the same country as you, but I hope you take an extra long shower for your birthday.

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I felt like our happiness used to be so easy and there used to be so much of it, and now I feel like happiness is something that we have to recreate

Just walked out of this movie amused and uncomfortable at the same time.

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Joking about following each other on twitter at a work happy hour last night got me curious. Looked up the first guy and immediately closed the app.

But I did my best performance yet today while training my counterpart for the new company we’re spinning off.



Things that are relevant to my interests.

decidedly relevant to my interests as well.

Add it to my to do list

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Who wants to come up with the knitting patterns for all of Claire’s outerwear?