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Yes we are looking at renting a canary yellow house with a faux second floor.

Wine and farts are in abundance.

And all of them want to be my friend.

Short sleeve plaid shirts from the clearance section of Academy.
Because he will at least respect the practicality.

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but if felt good to get all of this for 10 bucks.

Maybe Whole Foods has skewed my perception of food prices.

They must think their dick shrinks a little each time it happens.

Going to the beach next week with just the top-notch of peoples. 

Going to the beach next week with just the top-notch of peoples. 

Might be going to the Middle East next month!
Who knows!
I certainly don’t.

That was decided rather quickly.

If anyone wants to buy expensive artwork for me, start with these guys.


Apropos of nothing, I stumbled upon this reddit thread this morning (in a k hole of internetting, natch) and read through it it approximately 50 times. YungSnuggie has breathed life into me today.

if men could get a cozy 18 year stipend from fucking Hillary Clinton there would be a line of thirst wrapped around the white house. “





ATTN: annaverity


At work we do a lot of internal “marketing” type stuff for changes and events. We’ve been hinting that our floor needs a mounted TV to display rotating messages on.

What do we get?
A fucking cork board.

We’re in IT.